How to use Unfollow Button on Pinterest? Can you Unfollow People?

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Read all about the new rage pinterest and how to unfollow people on pinterest the best you can easily unfollow unworthy pinners by this option.

Nothing has grown so tremendously as the Pinterest in the past some months. The service hit the internet field and now is among the top of the websites. Even the popularity of Pinterest feared the Facebook and make it to spend big money in instagram. It seems like people are getting mad behind the service and its enjoying  its golden period. 

Pinterest is like bookmarking site along with the image site. You find images uploaded by others, you like it and then use the "Pin it" button to add it to your favorites.

Like Twitter there is always follow others service. Yes you can follow the people of your interest. Well, Pinterest itself shows you the list of people to follow, which is totally based on the information provided by you during the sign up process. Following the people on Pinterest is very simple. But what about UnFollowing? The site does not make it simple for normal user to unfollow the people. 

Unfollwing People on Pinterest
So are you also eager to know that how you can unfollow the person, that you followed accidently or you no longer want to follow. To unfollow any particular person, that you are following already just roll over the mouse to the avatar used by that particular user. At that time you will see the unfollow option coming up there. So you can unfollow the person by using that option.

The same Unfollow option will get converted into Follow, in case you are not following the person already.

I don't know how the website got too many hots and is still getting. The user interface is dull, making the site harder to use and making it complex for the simple internet user. Also since its launch, it has not gone open for anyone to join. Means the site is still working on the invitation basis and you need to get invitation from one of the Pinterest user to join the same. It may be irritating, but its going on. Whatever about the other issues is, the site should go clean with the interface and normal tasks like Follow and Unfollow should be clear to every person without getting help from anyone else.
There are many people who are asking me about this in my Facebook account, that's why I decided to make a tutorial on it.

Well, there are people on Pinterest who are following others just because they don't know about How To Unfollow. I hope this will not happen with you and you will unfollow the people you want to.
Hope you like it. Please consider sharing it with your friends. For any kind of doubt or question regrading this, please feel free to drop comments in the comment section below.

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